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 Freya - Ice Queen Quest

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PostSubject: Freya - Ice Queen Quest   Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:40 am

The Other Side of Truth

Note: Do this quest in conjuction with "An Ice Merchant's Dream" also from Rafforty.

Gatekeep out to the Frozen Labrynith and talk to Rafforty at the Ice Merchants Cabin

He sends you out to talk to Misa. She only shows up at night in-game time. Look in the upper left corner of your map to find out the in-game time.

Run out the east road and right before you get to the bridge that heads over the river to the laboratory turn right (north) and run along the river coastline. Misa is on the ice in Frost Lake.

She sends you back to Rafforty. He accuses you of opening the letter. Choose "Are you doubting me". On the next two screens choose "Why did you ask me to do this" and "What can I do for you"

He will send you back to Misa a second time. Make sure again that is is night time in-game before you go. Once you give her the letter she sends you in search of Ice Sculptures.

Head back to the Merchant cabin the way you came then proceed North. Follow the path until you get to past the Yetis, hang a right down the path then a left up the embankment. You will see 4 ice sculptures. Make sure and talk to all 4 of them!

You will earn a piece of tablet from one and a suspicious man will appear and dissapear quickly. Now you are sent to find Kierre. He is also an ice sculpture.

Return back to the ice merchant cabin and this time head out the south path. Before you cross the bridge that leads toward the valley of saints turn right and follow the coast up along the river. Watch out for the Pantera groups as they are aggro.

When you talk to the statue the suspicious man appears and disappears once again. This time you will earn a report piece.

Head back to the Merchant cabin the way you came and speak to Rafforty. Give him the report. He will ask you to come back later, just click on him again and he will ask you for the tablet fragment you got off the ice sculptures, give him that as well.

He will reward you 60,040 adena at this point and the Quest is finished.

Footnote: If you have done "An Ice Merchants Dream Quest" You will now be able to collect Silver Hemodite (used for entering the Ice Queen Palace) and trade your silver/black ice crystals for various mats

1 Crafted Leather = 23 Silver Ice Crystals
1 Coarse Bone Powder = 6 Silver Ice Crystals
1 Steel = 8 Silver Ice Crystals
1 EW-A scroll = 1800 Black Ice Crystals
1 EA-A scroll = 240 Black Ice Crystals
1 EW-B scroll = 500 Black Ice Crystals
1 EA-B scroll = 80 Black Ice Crystals

This is the 1st quest

Dont make the Unlimited quest (i think is the 2nd and 7th)
make all the another...(3rd,4th,5th,6th) They are easy..!!

Good Luck!
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Freya - Ice Queen Quest
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