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 Antharas Quest

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PostSubject: Antharas Quest   Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:31 am

Audience with the Land Dragon

Description: make this quest in order to be able to fight with Antharas Antharas location on the map
Start lvl: 50
Location: Giran
NPC: Gabrielle
Type: Repeatable
Rewards: Portal Stone to enter Antharas Nest

1. Talk to NPC Gabrielle in Giran.
find 4 NPCs have to give him instructions. You do not have to see them
if you know what to do (do not give any items, only useful information).
Chakiris (Hunter's Vilage - Guild of Orc) -> you should hunt Kranrot
and plains in Hamrut Forsaken (near Giant Cave). NPC Kaien (Ivory Tower
- 4th floor) -> you must hunt and Marsh Marsh Stalker Drake in
Forsaken Plains (near the cemetery).
Orven (church of Aden) ->
You should hunt until Bloody Queen Souls Remain (Quest Monsters. Mate
only one.). Go to Forbiden Gateway to find them.
Kendra (Aden -
Fighter Guild) -> go hunting Haritos Lizardman Shaman Matriarch OR
Anghell near Waterfall. Once a die, Haritos Lizardman Zealot (3 of
them) appears. Just kill one.
The player who give The last move
RECEIVES THE QUEST OF ARTICLE Upon receiving all the items in the
quest, go back to each of these NPCs that will give you the Mark of
With its 4 brands of the guard, return to Giran and talk to Gabrielle.
Gabrielle will now send it to Gludin and Oren. Now you need to really
talk to each NPC's. You will find the articles in question Jewel1 of
the Abyss, the Abyss Jewel2 and the Abyss Jewel3.
For the 1 and 2, you must kill Abyss Jewel and one of his guardians.
-> go talk to Warehouse Chief Moke. Give you instructions on the
Abyss Jewel1. Go to Windy Hill, north of Gludin. See the screen.

It is advisable to go with mages and archers.
your hp is at 85%, many will be called guardians. Kill one and you will
get an article of the quest. All guardians disappear after a few
minutes. Continue attacking the Abyss Jewel1 until your reach 45% hp.
He will give you the article in question.
So now you have the 2 articles in question, again Gludin, talk to Moke that will give you Mark of Watchman.
-> Talk Warsmith Helton. Give you instructions on the Abyss Jewel2.
It is located near the Sea of Spore. Note the screen.

<No Picture>

method to kill him is the same as the Abyss Jewel1. Go back to talk
with NPC Helton having achieved the 2 articles of the quest.
Now that you have 2 Mark of Watchman, go back to Giran and talk with NPC Gabrielle.
Gabrielle will give you now a Herald, and have found Gilmore. He is at
the entrance of Death Pass and give you instructions on the Abyss
Go to Dragon Valley to get the Abyss Jewel3

- FOR THIS Jewel3 Abyss, go in groups.
Kill the Cave Maiden Cave Keeperou or near the place indicated on the screen.
- The Abyss Jewel3 is only 4 minutes, be quick!
When your hp reaches ~ 85%, 4mobs (like Caver Keeper) will be called.
Kill them quickly, or if you have a Summoner, leaving the Soulless kill
them! Do not give no article of QUEST.
- After that, it is the same
as other Abyss Jewel3. You'll have to talk to the guard Theodoric of
Antharas located in Dragon Valley Cave Entrance
Congratulations, you
have now "Stone Portal", the article that opens the door to Antharas
only to you (you can use it only once.)
But you can make the quest all time you want, and get multi stones in quest inventory.
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Antharas Quest
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