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 Baium Quest

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PostSubject: Baium Quest   Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:06 am

Go to Aden Castle Town and talk with Hanellin in Dark Elf Guild.

She will tell you to hunt Lesser Gian Elder and/or Lesser Giant Mage in Giants Cave in order to get the titan PowerStone

Go to Luxury Shop and get port to: Aden Area ---- The Giants Cave

In Giants Cave:
- go to the left side and go in front;
- on 2nd room go to the left side and pass the bridge with bears;
- on 3rd room go to the right side and straigh ahead and pass for Gorgolos raid;
- go down on the right side after gorgolos room and after it follow the left side;
- after 2 ramps will appear a room on your right side with the mobs that u need to hunt:

Get the Titan Powerstone and return to Hanellin
Talk with here 2 times and she will give you 3 letter's and will ask you for 3 Relics:

Go in the Aden castle direction and meet Claudia Athebalt.

She will ask you to go to Cemetary (Aden area on Luxury Gatekeeper) and find the Holy Ark Of Secrecy2.
Talk with the box and will appear an angel. Kill the angel, get the key and talk with the box again.

Go to giran an talk with Martien.

He will ask you to find the Holy Ark Of Secrecy3 located in the map.
Get port to Tanor Canyon (on Normal gateeeper in Dion town).

Talk with the box, kill the archer that appear, get the key and talk to the chest again.

Go to Dark Elven Village and talk with Magister Harne located in the Temple.

She will ask you to find the Ark Of Secrecy 1 but first, u must find
the Ark Guardian's Corpse located in a montain on the left side of
the chest.Talk with the corpse and will appear a quest monster.

Kill the quest monster, get the key and talk with the chest behind the rocks.

Return to Hanellin in Aden castle town.
Buy 5 Antidotes and 1 Healing Potion.

Talk with Hanellin again and select the option: "I want to make some money"

will give you a white fabric in order to get a blood fabric by hunting
Platinum Tribe Shaman and/or Platinium Tribe Overlords in TOI 7.

Once you have the bloody fabric go back to Hanellin and she will give you 9 more white fabrics!
the 9 white fabrics go and hunt Seal Angel Seal Angel or Guardian Angel
in TOI 9 - 11 and this way you can visit Baium 10 times.

Good Luck!
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Baium Quest
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