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 Fritezza Quest

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PostSubject: Fritezza Quest   Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:51 am

Just the party leader needs the next quest in order to have access to Four Spulchers rooms.

1. Go to the Ghost of Adventure. He is in the entrance of imperial tomb and get the quest: "Relics of The Old Empire".

2. In Imperial Tomb, kill every mobs that appear and get Mausoleum Passes (minimum: 9, one for wich party member). Mobs will drop Broken Relic Part but u wont need this item to acess Frintezza.

3. Get port to Four Spulchers, talk with Nameless Spirit and get the "Four Goblets"
quest. To get in, you need a party with 4 or more members, all of them with the quest. Every member need one Mausoleum Pass and more than lvl 74.

While the party is on Nameless Spirit room, people will get a shout every 5 minuts:
Conqueror's Sepulcher Manager: Current 5 minutes, in the past.
Conqueror's Sepulcher Manager: Current 10 minutes, in the past.
Conqueror's Sepulcher Manager: Current 45 minutes, in the past.
Conqueror's Sepulcher Manager: Game had ended, in the past.

Conqueror's Sepulcher Manager: The present to be allowed to enter Mausoleum Temple Conqueror's Sepulcher Manager: Put hand on 4 Big Mausoleums Temples statue place then enter inside ausoleum Temple.

4. Around of the Nameless Spirit room you have 4 big doors with a stone in front. The party lader has 5 minuts to take the quest in one of the 4 stones and get port inside after the shout ended.

5. Inside the Four Sepulcher you will find 5 or 6 rooms divided for big doors. Party will appear on the first room. Wait 5 minuts and will appear a box in the midle. The leader needs to talk with the box and the whole party need to kill the mobs that will appear.

6. One of the party members will get a key. This member need to talk with the NPC in front of the door in order to open it. Attention: the door will be oppened just for 5 seconds.

7. On room No.2, 3 e 4 is the same but the box will be always in the midle of the room.

8. On the last room party will find Archon of Halisha. Kill him and the leader will get the last item for the Acess to Frintezza's quest.
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Fritezza Quest
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